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The Project

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AvantGarde X Show

A brand activation programme on innovation, growth, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Who We Are

About Avant-Garde X

AvantGarde X, is a brand activation program around Innovation, Growth, Leadership character and Entrepreneurship: To create solution in Infotech, Fintech, Agritech, Edtech and Healthtech sector of the ecosystem.

It is an avenue to heighten young people’s awareness and involvement in innovative technology and entrepreneurship.

The program is intended to hunt for mentally strong, intelligent, and talented youth towards creating a disruptive product that can meet the market need. To create a platform for youth marketing and brand optimization.

Program Format and Scheme

The 20 (male and female) participants between
the ages of 18-25 will be recruited through virtual
and physical auditioning after they would have
filled an online form

  • We have 5 groups (A-E) containing 4 persons in
    a team each on Fintech, Edutech, Agrotech,
    Healttech, and Infotech.
  • The participants will be tutored and mentored
    both physically and virtual by industry experts
    across Africa and outside.
  •  Call and selection of participants will take 6 weeks.
  • Program commences and ends within 8 weeks.
  • There will be task award and overall winners
  • Selection process/rating would be based on the
    ability to be able to discuss innovative
    technology intelligently, and also be able to
    communicate effectively.
  • Medical test and cognitive training to be sure
    they are physically and psychologically fit.